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Smart Coupon Advisor extension allows the admin to provide coupon details to his customers which they can apply while checkout. This happens often that customers while making a purchase, forget about discount coupons they have. This is why you need this extension. It reminds the customer, who sees the discount coupon form at checkout, about his coupon and lets him make use of it.

In default Magento, we do not have a feature wherein the customer gets the list of all coupons available on the website he or she is eligible for. With this extension, the admin can make available all the existing coupons to his customers on the Cart and Checkout page, these coupons can be assigned to certain group of customers accordingly it will be available to the logged-in customers to choose from the list, these coupons can also have pre-set start and end time along with conditions and actions the customer doesn’t need to remember or type codes as it shows available coupons on Cart & My Account page they can simply select the required code and it gets applied with a single click.

This extension is very helpful to promote customers to come back to the store in the next shopping. Using this module, the admin can make the coupons created available to his customers in a very and easy manner. This will motivate your customers to purchase the products on the store again with which the revenues will increase significantly.

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